the larsen projekt



The basket press on our Grenache label is representative of any old basket press I suppose. I asked my wife to sketch it from a photo of me standing next to it holding and taking a bite out of a bunch of Grenache grapes. My pal Dave took the picture. Craig was busy on the forklift, inching the bin of grapes closer so we could pour buckets full of fermenting juice and grapes into the press. Alan, who’s father-in-law gave him the press years before, was missing this day, likely on a job site photographing someone else’s vineyard or in the studio touching up bottles images for a client.

The point is, this not rickety, but certainly old basket press is an instrument that brought friends together to share time making something we’re all deeply connected to and passionate about. Matt wasn’t there that day either and of course, over the years, there have been several others gathered round the bins, crusher/destemmer, hand bottler and this basket press. Even Jeff, a L.A. based attorney, drove up to share in the fun.