the larsen projekt



What was that THING that when you were a kid made you feel like a kid? Made you feel free? Gave you a sense of happiness? Put a smile on your face? For me it was playing soccer, swimming, climbing the huge weeping willow tree on our property in Sebastopol, California, picking blackberries down by the creek and riding my bike (yes, it had a banana seat). All those things were done outside. There was a sense of peace and normalcy I felt when doing them. When I first got a scooter, I felt that again. Little did I know that the kids in the neighborhood were laughing at me. Must have been something to see, a 6 ft. 4 in. 220 lbs. man wobbling down the street on a 150cc Piaggio scooter. Boy oh boy! I didn’t learn about the kids until “The Mayor” of our street told me, which was after I purchased my 350cc. Oh well. In hind sight, it did feel a bit wobbly. I don’t listen to music, can’t answer the phone, I feel the road and the wind and I mostly grin. I also travel to client meetings and make wine deliveries with my scooter, when possible. 😉