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The Larsen Projekt uses the Danish spelling of project for two reasons. 1) in name at least, I am of Danish heritage. 2) when I looked up the name using the traditional English spelling, I discovered a cartoonist in the Northeastern U.S. using project. It likely wouldn’t have been an issue, but I fell in love with the K when I learned of the Danish spelling. The name also encapsulates how I feel about the services I offer, the wine I make and the life I live. They are projekts, in a good sense, that add up and play a role in who I am.

While there is much that I do, my specialties stick to three main categories:

Create. Communicate. Consumables.

I have been creatively weaving quality stories for media since entering the wine industry in 1992.

Whether I collaborate with you to hone your message and tell your story or guide you in delivering it yourself, I strive to provide strategic creativity.

In the ever-changing landscape of communications, visual and spoken deliveries of brand messaging need to be clear and concise, without clutter. This becomes truer every day. The Larsen Projekt is straightforward and honest, reliable and resilient, driven with purpose and cause.

With years of wine industry experience, my recent adventure into making and selling wine is brand new. 2016 was my first vintage. I make small amounts of Grenache, Grenache Rosé and even smaller amounts of Syrah. Click here to learn more about each.